Monday, March 10, 2014

Take your work seriously but not yourself

Today is a big day, the first day of the Ohio Graduation Test, the Reading section.  Certainly a day for high school principals to take seriously.

Tomorrow we have an A-Team, a meeting led by our superintendent with every administrator in the district, certainly a meeting we take seriously.

Tonight at our Ohio Capital Conference meeting, an athletic league of 32 high schools in Central Ohio, we discussed a possible realignment of the league for football.  The discussion of high school principals and athletic directors certainly indicated that many of us took this proposed change very seriously.

It seems that at times our days are filled with serious topics.  Throw in the new Ohio teacher evaluation system, growth measures, AP testing, IB testing, new State report cards, the New Gen assessments, and other weighty topics and our work days are serious.

Our meeting tonight lasted until 9 PM and I have a 30-minute drive back to my home.  To be honest, I was worried about still posting a blog for tonight and yes, had other serious or potentially serious topics on my mind.  A long day.  And only Monday, I thought.

Thank goodness, before I left, I glanced at my Twitter account and found this, posted by my student leaders.

I had to laugh out loud.  I love it!  Thank goodness-- it reminded me that although we take our work seriously, we do not have to take ourselves seriously.  It made my day!  And thank goodness for student humor and social media!

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  1. I love the end of this post! Thank heaven for laughter on these very serious days!


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